X-931 Touchless Wheel Aligner

Product Code: X-931



The new arrival X-931 Touchless Wheel Aligner is a professional equipment which can quickly and accurately measure the wheel alignment data without touching vehicle tyre, wheel rim and other component. It consisted of touchless wheel measurement units, a set of PC, measurement software, printer etc. Easy to measure automobile tyre parameters, including front and rear Toe-in, front and rear camber, caster, Kingpin inclination and thrust angle, etc.

X-931 Touchless Wheel Aligner Features:

1.     Easy to measure, greatly reduce the work frequency and intensity (unnecessary to mount and demount the wheel clamps and the targets)

2.    Measurement data accurate and real-time, adopts advanced technology of laser image processing

3.    Real touch-less measurement, no any injury to the wheel rim,improve customer satisfaction

4.     Greatly increase the measurement work efficiency (unnecessary to perform the vehicle-pushing compensation operation)


Alignment Parameters Measurement Range
Total Toe-in ±20︒


Camber ±10︒
Caster ±20︒
Kingpin inclination ±20︒
Thrust Angle ±5︒



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