PLA-5D Wheel Aligner

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  • Accurate and easy to use
  • Save space and money
  • Proven to work
  • No need 4 post hoist
  • 5 cameras technology
  • Without limitation of space, it works on all lifts.
  • Thanks for its 5 cameras technology, it can measure almost all kinds of vehicles, even if the vehicle is lifted.
  • Supports varied operation platforms
  • Point to point transmission via WIFI to reduce the interference
  • Supported by powerful clould service, it can connected to IPad, smart phone and PC
  • Online data upgrade.
  • Four targets are crash resistant and exchangeable
  • Can test wheel deviation
  • Optional one point wheel clamps can be installed within four seconds.

Packing List

1x X-631+ cabinet set

1x X-631 computer set

4x Probe rods

4x Wheel clamps

4x Clamp hanging brackets

1x Steering wheel holder

1x Brake pedal depressor

1x User’s manual

2x Turntables (optinal)

1x Calibration frame set (optional)


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