TLT632AF 3200kg Scissor Hoist

Product Code: TLT632AF



Above Ground Double Scissor Lift (Rated Capacity: 3.2ton)


Ultra-tin 3.2ton small scissor vehicle lift.
The platform is extendable.
Ultra-thin structure design is applicable for on-ground
arrangement ,technical cooperation with.Italy ,four hydraulic
cylinders design ,convenient for demounting tyres and repairing
Hydraulic interlocking and anti-explosion safety device makes it
stable and reliable operation.
Bilateral hydraulic synchronizing system ensures high
synchronization performance.
Travel limit safety device ,protects machine from being damaged.
All moving points adopt automatic lubricating oil-free bearing for
ensuring long lifespan.
Oil hose anti-explosion device.
CE-STOP function with safety alarm beep would automatically
warn operators to keep safe distance from lift when it lowers to
400mm high from ground.
CE certificated

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Additional information

Weight 850 kg
Dimensions 163 × 103 × 40 cm


Rated load 3200kg
Lifting height: 1990mm
Initial height 110mm
Lifting time <60s
Lowering time >20s
Overall width 2040mm
Runaway width 620mm
Runaway length 1475-2060mm
Motor power 2.2kw
Motor voltage 3 phase/415V
Advised distance between runways 800mm
Safety method Mechanical safety lock + pneumatic release

Packing List

1x TLT632AF Scissor hoist

1x User’s manual

Freight Data

Weight: 850 kg

L x W x H: 1.63 x 1.025 x 0.395 m


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