SLD-501/502 Smoke Leak Detector

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Specifically designed to test the turbo automobile systems quickly

Allow the technician to pinpoint leaks and find failing components

Inbuilt air compressor with big air flow rate up to 10L/M the UV leak detection makes the leak’ size less than 0.2mm

The leak status easily to be seen in the variable pressure and variable flow

A complete accessory kit: Accessory Case, Smoke Hose, Power Cords, Universal Intake Bladder (car), Adaptor Cone…


Product Parameters

Items Turbo
Output Pressure 14~16Psi
Flow Rate 10 L/M
Power Supply 12V Fully Charged Vehicle Battery
Pressure Supply Inbuilt Air Compressor
Juice Load 40ML
Main Unit Dim 290x185x210 mm
Gross Weight 5.6Kg
Delivery Dim 330×330 x250 mmConfiguration

Items Turbo
Accessory Case
Smoke Hose
Power Cords
Universal Intake


EVAP Test Kit x
Adaptor Cone O
Pressure Gauge

& Flow Meter

Block-off Cap Set
Smoke Juice O
UV Detection Kit O

*√ Inclusive     Not Applicable      O Optional


Packing List

1 x SLD-501 OR SLD-502

1 x User manual