Launch Tech Co Ltd was founded in 1992 and is the first professional high-tech company in China for developing and producing a full range of Auto Diagnosis, Auto Testing, Auto Cleaning equipment and service solutions for workshop. Launch was listed on the Hong Kong stock market in 2002 (HK STOCK CODE: 2488) and is one of the first Domestic enterprises which was successfully financed in Hong Kong.

LAUNCH initially put forward the concept of automotive aftermarket in China Auto Industry. On the basis of advanced Diagnosis and Testing product with integrated application of automatic control, Information technology and Mechatronics technology LAUNCH had developed several production lines, including Auto Diagnosis, Auto Testing, Auto Cleaning, Tire Machine, Auto Electron, Hand tools, and so on. Now the market share of LAUNCH Diagnosis, Testing and Machine products is quite high in the global market. LAUNCH X431 series scanners have become the synonym of motor vehicle diagnostic computer and represent the highest motor vehicle diagnostic technology of the world at present. We also make our domestic motor vehicle diagnostic scan tool the envy of the world.

LAUNCH persists in technological innovation. Not only having applied for hundreds of self-owned intellectual property but also established many R&D bases all over the world. With the largest R&D team, product research and development has become the core Competitive Advantage of LAUNCH. LAUNCH high-tech products have obtained many prized awarded by authority trade journals and governmental agencies in Home and abroad.

LAUNCH has never stopped its pace of development and innovation. GOLO series is LAUNCH’s latest enterprise to meet the demand of the Telematics and Internet Of Vehicle (IoV) of the car owners and vehicle related industries such as vehicle repair, transport, car insurance and fleet management. It brings vehicle telematics and remote diagnosis to the market and revolutionise the way cars are repaired, overseen and maintained by means of diagnosing and repairing online. GOLO also provides other functions including car tracking and inspecting, e-fence, fault and anti-theft alerts etc. Presently GOLO is the only product which can fulfil all of these jobs in the market.

Now LAUNCH has 8 branches, dozens of Offices, hundreds of distributors and authorized training centre in China. Taking mission of Offering high-quality products, technology and service for Auto field, LAUNCH has set up cooperation relationship with almost all the mainland Automobile Manufactories and become their full range maintenance equipment and technology supplier.

LAUNCH has under taken an aggressive Globalization strategy to expand into overseas market. So far LAUNCH has established general agents in Canada, USA, Mexico, UAE, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Russia, Russia. LAUNCH is an international brand which is recognised all over the world.

LAUNCH has invested to establish Launch Shanghai Machinery CO., Ltd. in March, 2004, which is one of the biggest lifter manufacturing bases in the world at present. Now LAUNCH LIFT has already accessed to markets in over 30 countries. Launch High-Tech Industrial Park has finished in 2006. Its one of the core technologies research bases for the automotive aftermarket.