The AUSCAN ADAS PRO (Advanced Driver Assistance System)  is the latest automotive calibration equipment. It works in conjunction with the LAUNCH scanners AUSCAN, SCANPAD, PRO3  and EURO TAB etc. for the calibration of cameras and radar-based ADAS systems. The AUSCAN ADAS PRO allows the operator to locate the camera calibration panels and the radar reflector panel in the correct position to ensure the system calibration can be carried out quickly and accurately.

The AUSCAN ADAS is used to recalibrate the ADAS camera and radar, when the sensors have been removed, replaced or repaired.

AUSCAN ADAS PRO Product Features:


Rapidly Switch: Simple for installation, rapidly switch the calibration targets available to different vehicles.

Easy to Storage: With modular structure and components, it is best for the working environment of workshop.

Easy to Operate: With operation prompt and one-click calibration function.

Calibration with High Accuracy: Centering with high accuracy, nearly achieves the OE level.

Comprehensive Function: Support various calibration function and wide range of calibration targets and calibration models.

Support Brands:


Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, MINI, Jaguar, Volvo, Fiat, SEAT, Skoda, SMART, Renault, Peugeot, Land Rover, Opel, Citroen


Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu


GM, Ford, Chrysler

Supported Calibration System:


Vehicles and Systems Coverage List: Please click here


Product Components:

Front Camera Panels Package Sets

AVM & Rear Camera Panel Package Sets

European Package:

Asian Package:

American package:

Optional Sets:

Packing List

1. AUSCAN ADAS PRO Standard Package:

 AUSCAN ADAS PRO Main Frame Target codes:
 VW/AUDI front camera single target (LAC01-02) LAC01-02

2. Optional LDW Front Camera Targets Package:

X-431 ADAS MERCEDES Front Camera single target (LAC01-01) LAC01-01
X-431 ADAS HONDA Front Camera single target configuration -1 (LAC01-04) L&R LAC01-04
X-431 ADAS TOYOTA Front Camera single target (LAC01-06) LAC01-06
X-431 ADAS NISSAN Front Camera single target -1(LAC01-07) LAC01-07
X-431 ADAS KIA/HYUNDAI Front Camera single target-1(LAC01-09) LAC01-09
X-431 ADAS MAZDA Front Camera single target -1(LAC01-10) LAC01-10
X-431 ADAS ALFA ROMEO Front Camera single target(LAC01-11) LAC01-11
X-431 ADAS RENAULT/SMART Front Camera single target (LAC01-12) LAC01-12
X-431 ADAS MAZDA Front Camera single target-2(LAC01-16) LAC01-16
X-431 ADAS SUZUKI Front Camera single target (LAC01-18) LAC01-18

3. Optional LDW Front Camera Single Targets:

X-431 ADAS DAIHATSU Front Camera single target (LAC01-14) LAC01-14
X-431 ADAS SUBARU Front Camera single target (LAC01-15) LAC01-15
X-431 ADAS HONDA Front Camera single target -3(LAC01-17) LAC01-17
X-431  ADAS MISUBISHI Front Camera single target (LAC01-19) LAC01-19
X-431 ADAS HONDA Front Camera single target – 4 (LAC01-20) LAC01-20

4. Optional RCW and AVM Targets Package:

X-431 ADAS Rear Camera & AVM Panels package (Asian) LAC04-01, LAC04-02, LAC04-11, LAC04-12-01, LAC04-12-02
X-431 ADAS Rear Camera & AVM Panels package (American) LAC04-06, LAC04-07
X-431 ADAS Rear Camera & AVM Panels package (European) LAC02-02, LAC02-03, LAC04-04, LAC04-08-01, LAC04-08-02, LAC04-10-01, LAC04-10-02,

5. Optional AVM Single Targets:

X-431 ADAS  MITUSBISHI AVM Single target (LAC04-13) LAC04-13
X-431 ADAS VW AVM Single Targe-2 (LAC04-14) LAC04-14
X-431 ADAS NISSAN AVM Single Target 2 (LAC04-15) LAC04-15

6. Other Optional Parts:

X-431 ADAS Corner Reflector (LAC05-03) LAC05-03
X-431 ADAS Doppler simulator (LAC05-04) LAC05-04




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