PLB-503 Professional Wheel Balancer

Product Code: PLB-503



The advanced technology car wheel balancer PLB-503 finds the imbalance position 100% precisely with inverter processing system. With its ultra-low noise motor, three non-contact sonars to diagnose the tyre performance and automatically measure the tyre width, you will never ignore the possessive desire when you first touch the screen.


  • The machine has Italian software
  • Automatic acquisition of diameter, distance and width. The machine has 1 ALU balancing programs and 2 ALU smart balancing programs.
  • The machine also has optimization function and weight split function.
  • The diameter of balancing shaft is 40mm so it can work with standard accessories.
  • The machine has motorcycle balancing programs, it can balance various motorcycle wheels.
  • The calibration is easy to proceed, the machine can quickly get back its precision.
  • The machine uses sonar to measure the wheel width.
  • Radial and lateral sonar can detect the surface conditions of the tyre.
  • operate the machine from different positions.
  • The machine is equipped with 19″ LCD monitor.
  • The machine will go into stand-by when it is not being used for a certain time.
  • Variable frequency motor low-level noise, it can locate the wheel on imbalance position accurately.
  • LED illuminator for easy and clear operation. Intelligent toggle of STD and ALS2 balance modes.
  • Six o’clock weight placement mode, with laser indicating line, fast and convenient.



  • Rim diameter: 1” – 28” inch
  • Max wheel weight: 70kg
  • Max wheel diameter: 1118 mm
  • Rim width: 1.5” – 20”
  • Precision: ±1g
  • Motor Power: 370w
  • Power supply: 240v 1ph
  • Rotation per minute: 140rpm
  • Balancing time: 7s
  • Second time mounting test: ≤5g
  • Machine dimensions: 1390x980x1470mm
  • Packing dimensions: 1400x880x1170mm
  • Net weight: 154kg
  • Gross weight: 192kg


Optional parts:

Freight Dimension

  • Packing dimensions: 1400x880x1170mm
  • Gross weight: 192kg


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