PLV-200 Automatic A/C Service Station

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PLV-200 fully automatic A/C service station is the latest product for refrigerant recovering, recharging and purifying, developed based on durable components and reliable SCM control programs. The product is Android system based and meets the needs of different customer groups with simple operation, colour touch screen, with database and built in printer. it’s the best choice for workshops.


1) Fully automatic in recovery/vacuum/oil injection/charge
2) Automatic air purge
3) Vacuum skip in “auto mode”
4) Automatic service reminding after 600 operations
5) Vacuum leak test
6) UV dye injection
7) Hand valves free
8) Pressurization to speed up used oil discharge
9) A/C database included, update through USB port
10) Thermal printer
11) Condenser and cooling fan
12) Heater band
13) Work with R134a or HFO1234yf (pre request)
14) Android System
15) Inbuilt refrigerant identifier (Optional)

Main Functions:

1) Flush(Unidirectional & Bidirectional)
2) Fully automatic in flush/recovery/vacuum/oil injection/charge
3) Automatic air purge
4) Vacuum leak test
5) UV dye injection
6) Automatic service reminding

Additional information

Weight 101 kg
Dimensions 79 × 72 × 129.5 cm


. Input power: AC220V±10%~50Hz
. Compressor power: 3/8HP
. Average gas state refrigerant recovery speed (through charge/suction port): 0.25kg/min
. Recovery rate: 99%
. Vacuum pump capacity: 120L/min
. Unidirectional/bidirectional flush time: 10-60 min
. Drier-filter capacity: 600ml
. Accuracy of gas cylinder load cell: ±10g
. Accuracy of oil bottle load cell: ±1g
. Gas cylinder capacity: 22L
. New/used oil bottle capacity: 250ml
. Max. Pressure: 20bar
. Charge speed: 2Kg/Min(max.)
. Screen display: 156*89mm, 800RGB x 600Dots, TFT full colour touch screen
. High pressure gauge range: -1~40bar
. Low pressure gauge range: -1~22bar
. Air refreshening power: 350W
. Air refreshening chemical capacity: 800ml. Dimensions: Package: 790*720*1295mm; Unpacked machine 900*630*1105mm

. Net Weight: 101 kg; Gross Weight: 130 kg



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