TLT635AF 3500kg Ultra Thin Scissor Hoist

Product Code: TLT632AF-1



It takes space-saving style to save most workspace for diagnostic business. The hidden scissor structure is ultra-thin and there is no need for digging a pit. Many physical installations and settings ensure effective and efficient operations to be safe and reliable.


  •  Hidden scissor ultra-thin structure and the rated load reaches 3500kg.
  •  Separate control box in a low voltage controlling way is safer and better for operation.
  •  Hydraulic volume keeps the pace with the cylinder and the platform runs synchronously and smoothly.
  •  Double security design with the hydraulic lock and the mechanical tooth safety claw keeps safe and reliable.
  •  Protection mechanism device for hydraulic failure, overload safety valve protection and pipe explosion-proof protection; the equipment will not fall quickly when the oil pipe bursts.
  •  Italy, Germany, Japan and other high-quality hydraulic components and electrical components are our standard configurations.
  •  Manual lowering device is equipped for power outage situations.



Rated Load
Lifting Height 1850mm
Initial Height 115mm
Runway Length 1475~2000mm
Runway Width 650mm
Lifting Time ≤50s
Lowering Time
Motor Power 2.2KW
Motor Voltage 220V ±5% 50Hz
Drive Method Electro-hydraulic
Hydraulic Oil Type 18L (self-purchase) #32 in winter; #46 in summer
Air Pressure 6~8kg/cm²
Working Temperature -10~40℃
Net Weight 860kg



Packing List

1x TLT635AF Scissor hoist

1x User’s manual

Freight Data

Weight: 860 kg

L x W x H: 1.63 x 1.025 x 0.395 m