X-861 Pro 3D Wheel Aligner

Product Code: X-861 Pro


X-861 PRO is an Ultra HD 4 wheel alignment machine. Automatically adjusts the height of the camera beam according to the height of the target, moving cabinets and beams built for increased productivity. it is an intelligent 3D four-wheel aligner that can collect ultra-high speed and high-precision tire data for the vehicle.



    • 5-megapixel ultra high definition camera obtains more image information and has a wide field of view, meeting the measurement requirements for ultra long and ultra-wide vehicles.
    • The rolling compensation is about 10cm, no need to pause during the pushing process. It is fast and labor-saving while reducing the requirement for the length of the lifting platform.
    • Intelligent safety protection: Adopting a non counterweight lifting system, intelligently avoiding obstacles when lifting the crossbeam, protecting the safety of personnel and equipment.
    • Multi-platform universal: suitable for large shear lift, four pillar lift, small shear lift, and double pillar lift.
    • Multi-station sharing: The cabinet and crossbeam can be moved as a whole, making it convenient for multi-station sharing.
    • Computer voice prompt: Users do not need to watch the computer screen, and can complete accurate positioning operations based on the voice.(speakers are required)
    • Pre-calibrated before delivery: The equipment has been calibrated before leaving the factory and can be used after installation.



Measurement Range & Accuracy:

Alignment Parameters Measurement Range MeasurementAccuracy
Toe ±20︒ ±0.02︒
Camber ±20︒ ±0.02︒
Caster ±20︒ ±0.04︒
Kingpin inclination ±20︒ ±0.06︒
Thrust Angle ±10︒ ±0.02︒
Wheel Track 2500mm ±2mm
Wheelbase 4000mm ±2mm

Packing List

  • Item Amount
    Standard Accessory Cabinet 1 pcs
    Beam 1 pcs
    Post 1 pcs
    Clamp & Target 1 set
    Turn Tables 1 pcs
    Steering Wheel Holder 1 pcs
    Brake Holder 1 pcs
    Computer 1 pcs
    Keyboard & Mouse 1 pcs
    LED Display 1 pcs
    Printer 1 pcs


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