PLC-502A Tilt Arm Tyre Changer

Product Code: PLC-502A




  • Ttilt back colum with assisting arm
  • Turntable protective covers as standard protect the rim from scratched by turntable and the ruler on the covers can help to clamp the rim conveniently.
  • The wearable washers as standard correspond to Europ standard to protect the personal safety when mounting the tire.
  • The control pedal assembly has the step-move function which can stop the clamp at any position to clamp the rim conveniently.
  • The hexangular shaft with 41mm and S 55 horizontal arm diameter is suitable for operation the flat and hard tire.
  • The machine adopts the parkerising bead breaker cylinder having bead break power 2500KG to bead break the tire from rim easily.
  • The machine equips the protective cover for clamps and mounting head as standard configuration to avoid damage the rim.
  • The clamp is made of special material, strong and durable.
  • The mounting head is made of special steel and lifetime warranty.
  • Standard equip inflation meter and safety valve, controllable air pressure protection for safety.


  • Outside Clamp   10-20"
  • Tire Width  3-12"
  • Inside Clamp  12-23"
  • Max Wheel Diameter  1120 mm
  • Working air pressure  8-10bar
  • Turntable Rotation  Speed  6.5rpm
  • Power Supply Voltage.  220V/380V
  • CTN.size. 1100 x910 x1010mm+1280×550 x450mm
  • Power  0.75/1.1 kw
  • Noise  <70dB
  • Net weight   246+72kg
  • Gross weight  285+95kg
  • Container Loading Quantity  40 units

Freight Dimension

Tyre Changer

Weight: 297 kg

L x W x H: 1.36 x 0.91 x 1.01 m

Help Arm

Weight: 95 kg

L x W x H: 1.28 x 0.55 x 0.45 m


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