Smartlink Remote Diagnostic Solutions (SRDS)

Product Code: AUSCAN 4-1


Launch Smartlink remote diagnostic solutions make it possible to diagnose the vehicle from thousands of miles away via Smartlink B (service end), Smartlink C (customer end) and Smartlink Platform.


SmartLink Remote Diagnostic Solutions (SRDS) is a revolutionary technology of in-vehicle remote diagnosis which subverts current general remote diagnosis functions. Connected with Smartlink B the remote scanner can communicate with the local vehicle directly. Only a VCI – SmartLink C is needed in local when customers have diagnosis and repair requirements. Besides, it has no limitation of the diagnostic functions, no matter diagnosis, programming or coding etc. Technician from thousands of miles away could help while they have the function and SmartLink B.

Smartlink Remote Diagnosis Solutions Consist of:

1. Smartlink B  and Smartlink C terminals:

Smartlink B is connected to diagnostic scan tools. It is suitable for these remote expert technicians who take advantage of their experience and tools and provide remote diagnostic services to Smartlink C user.

Smartlink C is connected to vehicle to collect information and send to Smartlink B. It is suitable for the DIYers, technicians or auto repair shops, which does not have sufficient skills and professional tools.

Fees apply when using the Smartlink Platform for remote diagnostic functions. 


2. Smartlink Platform:

Smartlink Platform Operation Steps:

  1. Create an account at Launch Smartlink Platform
  2. Smartlink C (customer end) publish request with car information
  3. Smartlink B (service end) response to the request
  4. Start remote diagnosis after the confirmation talk by phone or message


Comparison of Smartlink and General Remote Diagnosis

Smartlink Remote Diagnosis General Remote Diagnosis
Self-developed remote communication system Depends on third-party App
Only a VCI-Smartlink C in local Diagnosic tool needed in local
No limitation of diagnostic functions Diagnostic functions depend on local scanner


Benefits of Smartlink Remote Diagnostic Solutions:

  1. Smartlink B is suitable for control module repairers, spare part sellers, car programming specialist, car dealers (specialist) and vehicle diagnostic service provides etc who want to increase their incomes by expanding their customer base or servicing their customers in a better way.
  2. Smartlink C is suitable for mobile mechanics, auto mechanical workshop, panel beaters and fleet managements etc who want to save the cost of investing on multi scan tools for diagnostic jobs.



  1. No limitation of the brand names of diagnostic scan tools: compatible with LAUNCH tools, OEM tools or any other branded diagnostic tools
  2. No limitation of the diagnostic functions: diagnosis, programming or coding etc.
  3. No limitation of the vehicles: compatible with passenger or heavy duty commercial vehicles.
  4. SmartLink C can be used not only remote diagnosis but also local diagnosis by working with particular LAUNCH intelligent diagnostic scan tools.
  5. Supports more advanced protocols like DoIP, CAN FD, CAN 2.0 etc.
  6. Supports 12/24V
  7. Easy operation: just publish you requests and accept service offers from Launch Super Remote Diagnosis Reservation Platform
  8. With Smartlink B, service provider can take over the vehicle issues remotely no matter what scan tools they own.



Display   3.95”  320*480
Memory   256M
Storage   8GB
Remote Communication   Local Diagnosis: WiFi/BT/USB
  SmartLink Remote Diagnosis: WiFi/Ethernet
Working Voltage   9V DC ~ 36V DC
Dimension   200*110*47 mm



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