Sensor Module

Product Code: LAUNCH Sensor Module



LAUNCH’s new Sensor Module is designed to test and simulate most vehicle sensors, quickly troubleshooting the ECU. It can be compatible with LAUNCH scanner X-431 EuroTab II, PAD V or PAD VII to maximise the workshop’s revenue.


1. Check the ECU itself works or not

2. It supports manual write the waveform data

3. Simulate working condition of sensors without replacing parts

4. Simulate some special working condition of sensors without replacing parts

5. Be used as Multimeter to measures resistance, voltage AC/DC, capacitance, frequency and pulse signals, etc.

6. One click to enters the intuitive menu of sensor, actuator, defined/drawn the waveform, timing waveform, multimeter, system settings.

Compatible with LAUNCH X-431 scanners include AUSCAN 4, EUROTAB II, Euro Tab III etc.




Number of channel 2
Voltage simulation range 0~20V
Max. output current 20mA
Square wave signal pulse frequency 0~15KHz
Square wave signal duty cycle 0~100%
DCV simulation Support
Frequency simulation Support
Multimeter Support
Operating temperature range 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature range -30℃~70℃
Certificate CE, FCC, RoHS

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